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Rental Terms and Conditions

Driver's Licence & Age Limits ;

For Intermediate & Family Size Cars minimum age requirement is 21 with at least one year of valid national or international driving licence.
For Premium Cars minimum age requirement is 25 with at least two years of valid national or international driving licence.
For Luxury Cars & Minivans minimum age requirement is 28 with at least three years of valid national or international driving licence.

Rental Period ;

Rental Periods are calculated on a 24 hour basis.

Rental Millage ;

Rental millage is limited for 200.- kms per day for minivans.

Additional Driver ;

In order to have additional person drive the car along with the original renter, the details of their driving licence(s) must be registered in the rental agreement at the time of issuing contract. Otherwise all insurance coverage become void and both the renter and the additional driver will be held fully responsible legally and financially for any and all damages and losses to Omur's property as well as to third parties. Only two people can be additional driver.

Delivery & Pick-up ;

Delivery and pick-up service is available within city borders during office working hours. Service fee is charged for delivery and pick-up to and from places no Return Travel & its partner's office exists. For service fee and further details, contact us.

Delayed Return ;

If the vehicle is returned after the agreed return time (2 hours), the full day rental rate is charged e.g. the applicable rate.

Insurance ;

It is a must that the renter are fully insured by the way law orders and to make insurance offers according to the customers requirements. There are two types of protection insurances offered by us. The first type is the mandatory insurance, applied by the government rules that is THIRD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE and the second type is the voluntary insurance and waivers which are the COLLUSION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW). Third Party Insurance & Theft Protection are including in our rates.
Important : In case of accident, the vehicle must not be moved from the accident site and the accident and alcohol reports must be obtained from the nearest police or gendarme station in order to have the insurance of Collusion Damage Waiver remain valid and call us. Otherwise CDW is considered void.
Insurance covers all expenses within limits of insurance agreement. The overage should be paid by client. In case of an accident lessor shall be liable within excisting insurance limits for the material damages and moral injury caused to the other vehicles and people.

Deductable fee is Euro 1000.- for minivans and Euro 500.- for the other categories.

Traffic Fines ;

Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations that incur during the rental period are charged to the renter. If your traffic fines deliver after your rental the amount of fine will be charged by your credit card and a copy of fines will be sent to your e-mail adress.

Reservation ;

You can fill-out our "Booking Form" as a guarantee booking and confirmed by our reservation system. Your car rental voucher will be send to your e-mail adress when you finished your booking with your credit card. Our reservation system is working with Virtual POS (Virtual Payment Method) and when you complate your booking with your credit card, you will be charged as shown amount of rental. Our reservation system is not accept reservations without credit card details.

Cancellation Policy ;

Cancellations must be made through the car rental reservation system on our web page. You can cancel your reservation 7 days before the pick up date from the car rental reservation system on our web page. If the cancellation informed us less then 7 days of pick-up date with e-mail or phone call 20% of total rental cost will charged and the rest of the payment will be refund. Uninformed cancellation will be treated as a "No Show". 20% of total rantal cost will not refund to your credit card as a penalty. The rest of the rental amount will refund to your credit card directly. Aditional services costs will be refund without deduction.

Payment ;

The total cost of rental or deposit payment will be charge when you complate our booking form with your credit card. If you choose deposit payment, the renter will pay the rest of the rental cost by cash or credit card (Visa, Master or Amex) on delivery.

Deposit ;

The credit card details of renter will be taken at the time of issuing rental contract as a deposit (For extend days, gasoline difference, traffic fines etx.). 

Additional Services ;

* OGS (Electronic Tolls Collection System)

* Baby Seat or booster.

* GPS (Global Positioning System)

* Extra Drivers.

* Extra Insurance (Windows, Head Lights and Passenger Insurance)

You automatically accept above terms&conditions when you book a car with us.
Please print-out a copy.